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Jim Britt, one of the World’s Top 20 Success Coaches and Top 50 Speakers.

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Kevin Harrington, Star of the Hit TV Show Shark Tank.

We are selecting coauthors for the 10th volume of a collaborative book series for…

Qualified Business, Success, and Life Coaches 
Professional Speakers
Business Strategist 
Social Influencers

The book is endorsed by Tony Robbins

The first nine hit #1 Amazon International best Seller

It is the ultimate PR, co-branding, marketing and lead generation strategy for anyone interested in greater exposure and more business.

The Reality is That 90% of Coaches, Speakers and Entrepreneurs Fail Because of Poor Marketing, Branding and the Lack of Qualified Mentors

Most never earn six figures and beyond because:

  • They don’t have access from qualified mentors
  •  The don’t have access to collaborate with other successful experts in their field.

  • The lack credibility because of no track record of success
  • They lack branding themselves as experts
  • They lack exposure to a qualified market
  • They lack experience in generating qualified prospects

  • They lack positioning themselves as a Key Person of Influence in an over-crowded market.


For 90% the problems they face is because they approach the market without proper guidance. 


They get lost in the “sea” of competition. What’s worst of all is that most fail. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington have a solution. 


Cracking the Rich Code book and PR, Marketing, branding, and lead generation.



You’ll be a published co-author with two top names in the industry, Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington, endorsed by Tony Robbins. 

• You’ll receive mentoring from the best of the best.  

• You’ll gain international exposure as well as more exposure in your area.

• Collaboration with a growing community of professionals.

21 coauthors in the book promoting you every time a book is distributed.

• The book will receive PR on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX and thousands of TV stations worldwide. Any of those logos can be used on your site.

You’ll gain exposure to your perfect target market.

• A campaign to attain Amazon #1 International Best Seller status. All volumes have hit the #1 International bestseller on Amazon in multiple categories and countries. We expect the same with ALL future volumes.

You’ll be instantly co-branded inside and on the cover of the book with three top icons, Jim Britt, Kevin Harrington and a Tony Robbins endorsement.

You’ll have multiple ways to market your work on our FREE community social media platform The Rich Code Club.

• As a featured coauthor in our community social media platform you’ll gain additional credibility as a Key Person of Influence in your field of business.

• Each time you post content in the form of video, audio, text, or podcasts, with your contact link, it will be promoted to our entire membership list via email. The more content you provide, the more promotion you receive.

You’ll be branded on social media with three top experts.

You’ll receive a marketing reach that others pay thousands for.

You’ll have a book to sell with a nice profit.

You’ll be interviewed on our weekly podcast that promotes you, the book you are in and the book series. Your interview will get posted on our social platform and other platforms for greater exposure

You’ll be Mentored and Endorsed 

by the Best-of-the-Best

Jim Britt has put over 2 million people through paid events and presented more than 5,000 events world-wide. He was named as one of the world’s top 20 success coaches and top 50 speakers. He has coached, trained and counseled more than 300 companies and thousands of individuals, including Tony Robbins that worked under Jim’s direction when he first started in the speaking business. He is author of 15 best-selling books. As an entrepreneur Jim has launched 28 successful businesses in over four decades.

Kevin Harrington was a star on the hit TV show Shark Tank for the first 189 episodes, inventor of the TV infomercial, created the “As seen on TV” brand. Kevin has successfully taken over 500 products to market which created billions in revenue and made countless individuals millionaires and more. Kevin is a top-level success coach and highly sought-after speaker on entrepreneurship.

These two individuals know what can go wrong in business and how to prevent you from being in the 90% of new businesses that fail. 

The same principles that have worked for Jim and Kevin will work for you too…and at a price anyone can afford. 

Technology is making it easier than ever to gain exposure, but it also increases the level of competition. The key is “what sets you apart” from the “sea” of others in your field of business that are taking up space on social media and the internet.

The key to success in today’s digital world is the amount of “space” you take up. Question is, “How much space DO you take up now?” 

How well known are you? Are you perceived as a key person of influence in your field? If not, do you have a plan to do so?

Would you like to take up more space and be more influential?

ACT NOW and be one of 20 selected to work with Jim & Kevin in the next vol of Cracking the Rich Code. 

Rave Reviews from Coauthors

Author picture

“Jim Britt has an awesome eye for talent. I feel very fortunate to be among such amazing people. Not only have I learned from their stories and experience, but the opportunities I’ve gained from being part of Jim Britt’s family continue to be a blessing. I’m proud to say I’m a co-author because Cracking the Rich Code proves to be about the people we meet and the relationships we keep. I am a coauthor in both vol 1 and 4.”

Thank you, Jim! 

Merrilee Sweeney Talk show host, author, intuitive relationship expert

Author picture

“The book it's a great tool for me to speak on stage and build my credibility. It's a great lead magnet for me. I always carry some copies with me when I go to events. 

Thank you, Jim!”

Angeline Wehmeyer Entrepreneur, Investor, and International Speaker

Author picture

“Jim, I just want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of the book and community of coauthors in Cracking the Rich Code. Not only have I developed new business as a direct result of being in the book, but it has been such an incredible co-branding tool as well. The credibility being on the cover with you, Kevin and endorsed by Tony Robbins! Wow! What a Credibility builder. The coauthors I have connected with in the series are nothing short of amazing! What a great group of people! Thank you, Jim!”

Jeffrey Flack - Executive Coach and Founder Certified John Maxwell Speaker

Author picture

“For over 25 years I have been working hard to promote my live seminar events I made great progress. I have my own book that has been out for several years, but nothing has gotten me the attention that being a coauthor in "Cracking the Rich Code" has given me. Everyone knows Tony Robbins, Kevin Harrington and Jim Britt, but who is Mark Yuzuik???? Now they know me, as a #1 International best-selling author on the cover of a book with these three gentlemen and endorsed by Tony Robbins! Wow! The cobranding is enormous for me. I am getting offers for corporate events and other stages all over!  You Rock, Jim Britt, for creating this. Thank you for this jump in my business.”

Mark Yuzuik - Master Hypnosis and Personal Development Expert

Author picture

“Jim & Kevin, being associated with the "Cracking The Rich Code" brand has opened up so many doors and has expanded the reach of my speaker coaching business.  It has reinforced my subject matter expertise and interview requests from the media have increased significantly. 

Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington along with the endorsement of thought leader like Tony Robbins, has allowed me to gain more market penetration because of the positive name brand association.  After the book was published and hit #1 on the "Amazon International Best Sellers List" I felt an immediate shift that added instant value.  I have attracted more clients, added more credibility and another solid piece of social proof and part of a brand with staying power.  

As a co-author of "Cracking the Rich Code" Vol 5, it has been nothing short of spectacular. It's absolutely true... one call from Jim Britt can literally change your life and take your brand to unimaginable heights of achievement.”

Kevin T. Robertson - CEO 

Author picture

“Being part of the Cracking the Rich Code book series has been an amazing experience! In addition to being an author of a #1 international best-selling book, which has helped new clients find out about my celebrity branding services and online group coaching program creation bootcamp, I have also gotten the opportunity to connect with dozens of other co-authors from the book series. Plus, the business mentorship from Jim is priceless. His advice has helped me cultivate new business partnerships that have yielded fantastic opportunities.”

J.D. Wildflower - Celebrity Brand Builder & Global Business Growth Specialist

Author picture

"I found it a rewarding experience to be part of the book, 'Cracking the Rich Code' with such eminent authors. It helps my work to be seen worldwide and also offers me credibility as I am known to more readers. I had a great experience working on this book with Jim Britt who guided the book publishing process too. I thank him greatly for the opportunity! "
Robin Bella - Speaker, Mentor, Coach

Author picture

Jim - - I cannot thank you enough for bringing me into The Cracking the Rich Code fold - - appearing as a formidable guest on my radio/podcast show twice now. I also cannot thank you enough or emphasize enough how my picture on the cover of book #2 in the book series being side by side with yours, Kevin's and Tony's - - continues to be an invaluable marketing tool for securing additional business clients, radio/podcast guests and to the degree that it further accentuated my already established credibility, integrity, exposure and incredibly unforeseen business opportunities that have continued to be a win-win for me and my business! I appreciate you, my friend!"

Lisa McDonald - Speaker, Mentor, Coach

Author picture

“As one of the co-authors in Cracking the Rich Code, I would like to say that it has been an amazing experience for our company. Even though we haven't had the opportunity to tap into the full potential of Cracking the Rich Code it has definitely given us a lot of credibility for our company and what we are trying to accomplish. If you are given an opportunity to be involved, I strongly suggest that you don't hesitate to work with Jim Britt

Janelle Garner - CEO and Founder Bliss Entertainment.

Amazing Praise from Some Amazing Thought Leaders

Jim Britt has been a friend and business associate for over 30 years. His work as a success coach, trainer, and entrepreneur is remarkable. Work with Jim if you are interested in great success.

Jim Rohn

Jim Britt’s insights into the psychology of wealth will give you the focus, clarity, and purpose to refine your financial plan and make the right choices for your business, your finances, and your life.

Tony Robbins

I’ve known Jim Britt since the mid 70’s. He is a giant of a man and a giant thinker. If you ever get a chance to work with him do not hesitate. He delivers powerful, lasting, life-changing results.

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-creator of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

Success is predictable if you know what determines it. Jim Britt offers valuable insight and strategies that will challenge you to leap beyond your current comfort level and stand up and be heard.

Kevin Harrington

Star of the TV Show "Shark Tank"

They say that ‘success leaves clues’. After reading Jim’s book you’ll know what those clues are and how to use them. You will want to keep it near you for quick reference. You will likely want to read it again and again on your way to success.

Harv Eker

Author of #1 NYT best seller "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind"

Because of the work that Jim Britt does and the methods and techniques he uses to change your story and how you see yourself, it enabled me to build my career to make it against all odds.

Les Brown

World’s Leading Motivational Speaker

As you know, “Timing is everything” – we aren’t just looking for coauthors, but decision makers, professionals that have a passion for helping others live a better life. Those who want to be part of a growing community of forward thinkers dedicated to making the world a better place for all.

A personal message from Jim Britt

You know, winning in today’s world demands being bold! You have to live boldly now, today, because later may not be an option. Tomorrow is not your friend!

Transformation occurs during times of boldness. The moment you decide to act boldly is the precise time your transformation begins to unfold.

Those who make a difference in the world are the ones who are bold. These people understand that fortune favors the bold, and they recognize being bold as a fundamental trait for a successful life. They choose to challenge the limits they have placed on themselves and resist the pull of mediocrity. 

The people who reach the upper echelon of success in any industry are the bold ones. 

They see no inherent value in playing small, in saying “the timing isn’t right” “I don’t have time” “I’m too busy” or being intimidated by fear. All are excuses for not taking bold action, that will keep one locked in mediocrity.

Being timid and indecisive puts obstacles in your path. Boldness eliminates them. In my opinion it’s absolutely insane and irresponsible to be timid in today’s world.

Boldness requires strong nerves and creativity. Acting boldly means to advance confidently in the direction of what you want in life when others choose to embrace fear and retreat.

Being bold is the key driver of personal freedom which requires your capacity to increase your tolerance for risk…and when you do decide upon a course of action, boldness demands that you execute it aggressively.

By being bold and challenging yourself, by embracing inconvenience and stretching beyond your comfort zone…you are bringing clarity to your dreams and energy that will revitalize your mind, your body, and spirit.

Do you really think anything in your life worth anything will materialize without an act of being bold and courageous?

Remember, every life level and every income level require a different you!

The moment you decide to act boldly is the precise time your transformation begins to unfold and not a moment before.

That’s why I’m calling out the un-bold right now. I want you to stand up, take the mask off, speak up, draw that line in the sand and act like the tough, strong and bold person you are.

And, when you have an opportunity that has presented itself…go after it with the conviction and confidence that you deserve it.

Start today to frame your own aspirations for making this an outstanding day and for designing a bigger and far more beautiful future.

I don’t believe that life is meant to be lived perfectly…but to be lived boldly, imperfectly, magically, and with a bit of uncertainty. beautifully, uncertainly.


The time for living boldly has arrived! Now is the only time that exists! Tomorrow is not your friend.


With a Bold Heart!



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