DCR’s Mentorship Program - How to go from standard to “Superior” as a Life Coach!

by Darren Christopher Rowland D.H.F N.A.S.M

In the UK there are an estimated 100,000 people claiming to be a Life Coach. That’s an awful lot of people swimming in the same tank, fighting for food! That’s a lot of competition!

If you are going to stand a fighting chance of earning a 6-figure income in this growing industry, you have GOT TO STAND ‘OUT’.

It’s a non-negotiable fact that you need to address, unfortunately 99,000 people won’t address it and they will just feed on scraps and wonder aimlessly around. Why do I paint such a negative & harsh picture?

Because I care. Because if I don’t tell you the brutal truth, then I am doing you a dis-service.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have Coached Top VIPs from all over the world since 2012 and received Multiple Awards including: Best London Life Coach, Best UK Life Coach and Best International Life Coach between 2018-2021.

I’ve Co-Authored “Cracking The Rich Code” with Jim Britt, one of the Top 20 Coaches in the World and the book is endorsed by Tony Robbins. Featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX news.

My career wasn’t always so rosy. I struggled for years and years trying to establish myself and hit the big time, I have been where you may be right now, downstream, struggling in the current and hitting the rocks.

Maybe you can relate to this. What turned it around for me was being Mentored by someone else who had already travelled the path to Success.

In 2020, after 2 decades of Coaching I decided to put together a new Program based on my humble experience and Success. I wanted to share that specialised knowledge of HOW to take yourself from being a standard Life Coach – to being a Superior Life Coach and earn a multiple 6-figure income

Are You Ready to Raise Your Game?

With COVID-19 it became even more important to get this Mentorship Program out there because what was already a challenge for Life Coaches, has now become Significantly more challenging.

Mentorship Program

In March 2021 I will be starting the Mentorship Program and taking on a maximum of just 1 dozen individuals for the full 1 year Mentorship.

I like to do things differently. This Program is not your typical Mentorship’ because I believe in RESULTS, not promises or hype or conformism.

If you’re looking for a Mentorship with traditional standards and protocol, adhering to rigorous regulatory bodies interference, then respectfully, this Mentorship is not for you.

However – if you’re committed to the end result of a multiple 6-figure income as a Life Coach, and you have the balls or ovaries to work outside the box, ethically and for the greater good, then now we’re talking and you’re already on the right path.

Price will be £14,999 going forwards but, there is an early bird price of just £8,997 for the full 1 year Mentorship ( with downpayments ) but as mentioned, only 12 spots are available.

An Introductory Mentorship is also available starting at just £1,997

All is explained on a call.

I’m telling you the costs up front, both non-financially and financially so that you know what’s involved. No selling here, no persuasion. Just facts.

IF you want to take a step further – then please schedule a call and we can have a friendly chat together. I can then share some insider knowledge and strategies with you that you can use right away to enhance your current position…

“The clock is clicking… Time is ticking… If you don’t seize an opportunity, chances are, someone else WILL! If you don’t see something for the potential it can bring you, and instead you see the risk involved, you will NEVER get off your seat and that clock won’t stop for you, me nor anyone.”

Love & best wishes