Change is inevitable, but transformation is a choice!

by Nadiya Manji - Transformational Master Coach

Incremental change will lead you to transformation.

The formula is simple. The execution is not, especially when we have underlying issues or challenges that we choose not to address.

This is particularly true, when change is exerted upon us, like living during a global pandemic.  

How we communicate, how we work, and learn, and how we socialize, have all changed immensely.  Even when we think we are paused, we are still evolving and adapting.  

What does this mean for our future?  How do we meet these new realities with our best selves?  My signature Rewire your Life and Business program allows you to create alignment and experience your best self, whether in quarantine or dealing with the challenges of our personal and professional lives.  

As a Transformational Master Coach, I provide guidance, healing, therapy, and coaching on your journey to personal transformation.  

I help you develop a deep intuitive understanding of yourself, correct imbalances that show up in your life and upgrade the relationships you connect with. I will help you develop the skills you require to find a solution to every challenge.

I want you to be at your best self, and find the promise of fulfillment, regardless of what the world throws at you.  

Don’t become a newer version of yourself, become a truer version of yourself!

As seen on Canadian television CTV, TEDx, and lifestyle and travel magazine, Go Digital, my work spans three continents.  I continue to reach my global audience through several podcasts such as Give, Grow & Expand, and my online platforms such as Instagram.  As the CEO and Founder of the Rewire your Life program and Profound Wellness, I emphasize transformational work in mental, physical, emotional, environmental, financial and spiritual facets of people’s lives and businesses.  I was also honoured by the Universal Women’s Network as a top 150 finalist for their 2020 Women of Inspiration Awards.

My success in one-on-one breakthrough coaching has garnered an international clientele for mental and emotional wellbeing. As an author, speaker, transformational master coach, and trainer, I offer a one stop shop for transformation. 

Whether assisting individuals and families, or entrepreneurs and CEO’s, my approach allows you to work towards the future by letting go of the past. As an honorary Global Advisor of the Global Chamber of Commerce & Industry, I offer both an international scope as well as breadth of experience for every level of leadership.  

My ability to utilize the key components of communication, energy, intuition and alignment help you become a more aware, more balanced, and a more connected version of yourself.  My experiences have led me to work with celebrities and executives who pursue understanding personal transformation.      

Often, when we experience challenges, it shows up in our relationships, career, business, finances, and overall personal health. If we have not found resolution, there is likely something more going on at an unconscious level. 

My programs are designed to identify and release faulty strategies, thought and belief patterns and negative emotions at the unconscious level. You will develop skills, access tools, set goals and take control of your thoughts & build emotional fitness, all while creating your own life and business equation for uncovering the life and business you truly want and desire.


Start with me in my Rewire your Life or my Rewire your Business program, each a 12 week program that covers all areas of your life:


Avoid burnout and fatigue by aligning your priorities with your values for efficiency and efficacy. Above all, avoid the multitasking trap!


Emotional fitness is the key to our own sense of freedom.  Learn to respond to events in your life without a sense of fatalism, but rather of optimism.


Spirituality is the practice of understanding your spirit. It’s knowing that you are on the right track, that you are here to serve, and you have a purpose beyond your own life.


When you say ‘YES’ to physical health, you naturally develop emotional and mental resilience and optimism. See your mindset shift effortlessly after just a single week of dedicated efforts to prioritize your physical wellbeing.


Money remains pivotal to surviving in this day and age but does not define who we are.  To control money and achieve financial empowerment, we must be comfortable with money.


You do not require immense space, but you do need to ensure that your space cues your mind for calmness, positivity, and creativity.  Emphasize the nature of your space, as your space influences your clarity.

Delve into the knowledge and experience that I provide clients through easy application and approachable philosophies, as a result of over 20 years in the field of coaching and leadership. 

Like the caterpillar that turns into the butterfly, the transformation in my clients is life changing.  You’ll never go back to your old negative and self sabotaging behavior.  Let this be the year of YOU.  Let this be the year of YES.

Make this year about movement and progress, and shed the frustration and anxiety of 2020.  

Start with your clarity call to find out more about the program.

“What stops you has profound power to move you.  Know what stops you and you’ll discover how you can be moved.”

– Nadiya Manji